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they tell me that it can't exist

hold fast x hope
16 November 1986
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, 30 seconds to mars, a perfect circle, alcohol, analyzing, anberlin, anime, anthony green, armor for sleep, art, bands, bass guitar, beauty, being random, being silly, boobs, boys in makeup, cameras, circa survive, cold weather, comedy, computers, concerts, creative writing, cuddling, dancing, dane cook, dead poetic, digital art, digital design, donnie darko, dorks, drawing, dredg, duke kitchens, edward norton, emery, eternal sunshine, eyeliner, fight club, friends, further seems forever, germany, gilmore girls, glitter, goo goo dolls, good grammar, hair, hawthorne heights, hearts, honesty, hoodies, hugs, ice skating, indie, indie rock, intelligent conversations, joey westwood, kevin spacey, kids, kisses, knowledge, laughter, learning, letter kills, lip piercings, local bands, love, made, make-up, mars volta, masturbation, mayday parade, mayonnaise arms, meeting people, mew, movies, muse, music, my chemical romance, neon genesis evangelion, open-mindedness, panic! at the disco, penguins, perception, philosophy, photo manipulation, photography, photos, photoshop, piano, pictures, piercings, poetry, psychology, radiohead, rain, reading, red jumpsuit, red jumpsuit apparatus, rja, road trips, roller coasters, romance, saosin, scorpio, self-expression, shows, sidekick, silent hill, silverstein, singing, singing in the car, sleeping, snow, sociology, something corporate, stars, story of the year, straight edge, straylight run, t.a.t.y, taking back sunday, the academy is, the audition, the red jumpsuit apparatus, the sleeping, theaudition, third eye blind, thrice, thrift stores, tool, traveling, underoath, valencia, warped tour, winter, words, writing, yis, youinseries, your mom, zelda, ,